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Ice hockey is a team game on ice, in which two teams compete and strive to score more goals than the opponent. A distinctive feature of other sports games here is that the game takes place in motion on the ice. And the essence of the game is to perform rationally organized movements aimed at speed, mannerism, and accuracy of actions. We are pleased to provide you with the opportunity to bet on this sporting event on the Mostbet platform, which is designed specifically for this and will provide you with complete comfort and fast payouts where you can get quick access to ice hockey betting online.

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How to Bet Online on Ice Hockey at Mostbet?

You can bet on Mostbet ice hockey with complete comfort and in the safest conditions. You can find many advantages in online betting. So what does the process of betting with Mostbet look like:

  1. Go to the Mostbet website.
  2. Log in with your account.
  3. Already being in your personal account, go to the Sportsbook section.
  4. Select the event of interest there.
  5. Click on the sports book selection button.
  6. Choose a ratio.
  7. Enter the bet amount.
  8. Confirm by clicking “Place a bet”.

Bet on ice hockey online at Mostbet.

Live Ice Hockey Betting at Mostbet

Ice Hockey Betting at Mostbet can be made in two modes. The first is called “prematch” (prematch) – this is when a bet is made before the start of a sporting event. The second is called “live” (live) – this is when a bet is made right during a sporting event. This is what is called live betting. Live betting on ice hockey is gaining popularity. It is believed that one of the reasons for the popularity of live betting is a greater probability of a correct prediction since in this case, you can watch the game of teams/athletes in real time, which allows you to analyze their current form and take this into account in your prediction. Play in real time, the following sections are available to each player:

  • The most popular hockey matches of the day by browsing the top of the Ice Hockey Predictions page. You can also see hints by clicking on the match itself.
  • Information about upcoming ice hockey matches, as well as the number of published ice hockey tips. Click the “Download” button and you will see more matches on the site.
  • View Schedule, Tips, Live Score and Results – Click the “View Full Schedule” button.

Place hockey bets with Mostbet during the game.

The Best Ice Hockey Leagues for Betting

There are three major well-known tournaments – the NHL, KHL and the World Championship, which have millions of fans. The National Hockey League is a professional hockey league in North America, currently with 31 teams: 24 in the US and 7 in Canada. It is the world’s leading league in the world and one of the major professional sports leagues in Canada and the US. You can bet on:

  • Eastern Conference winner;
  • Western Conference;
  • The winner of the Stanley Cup, which is played in the playoffs between the 16 best teams;
  • And the very final match is between the winner of the Eastern and Western conferences.

The Kontinental Hockey League is an open international hockey league that was formed in 2008 and initially united 24 teams.

Bet on various hockey teams at Mostbet.

Main Ice Hockey Betting Types

The key to success lies in the right prediction. And to be able to make an accurate prediction, you need to know the game, its processes, features, and rules of the game. Only with this knowledge can you make an accurate calculation that will lead to a win. There are not many types of ice hockey, but here are the most popular ones:

  • Accurate Score. A simple bet where you predict the exact score of a game. Variations are available: predicting the exact score in regular time or predicting the score after overtime. There is a high probability of correctly guessing the moment due to the diverse number of outcomes.
  • Outcome betting. Also not a very complex bet, where you place it on the victory of the team in a particular competition. Popular because of the offer of several bet variations on the outcome. The Stanley Cup is the ultimate champion in outcome betting where you bet on the overall winner of the NHL season.
  • Total Goals Over/Under. Here you set what the total number of goals will be and whether it will be over/under at the end of the game. In ice hockey, the reference value is 5.5. If you assume that the number of goals scored will be five or less, then the rate here will be -5.5, but if you think otherwise that six or more goals will be scored, then +5.5.
  • Puck line bet. When betting on the puck line before the game, players give away -1.5 goals to back the favorite and get 1.5 goals to bet on the underdog. Bettors should consider the pack line as it can be expensive. Favorites in hockey get extra bets, while underdogs get a negative point.
  • Main time, overtime. In hockey, a draw is impossible. If in regular time both teams lead with the same number of points, extra time is activated. The Moneyline bet is the most common and simple type of bet in which you predict which team will win the match. There are 2 types of bets here. A bet on the result of a match in regular time is limited to winning the team in regular time. If your team ended in a draw in the main time, but won in the extra time, your bet will not be counted. Or there is a second betting option, on the result of the match (OT), there are no restrictions on the main time.

Try these types of bets, when betting on hockey at Mostbet.

Ice Hockey Betting Tips for 2024

Armed with working ice hockey betting strategies, turning this information in the right direction, and thereby predicting the correct outcome of the game, you can make a lot of money on this. Below we want to share with you the best actionable ice hockey tips to help you achieve success in your betting experience.

  • Bet on the game, not the series. Focus on betting on a per-game basis. Bet only on a game-by-game basis. And there is even a chance to predict, for example, if team A can make it to the first round of the playoffs, and you have an idea to make a big bet that they will make it to the second round, you should not do it. Only from game to game. By betting on a game, you take away the risk of failure as far as possible;
  • Place small bets and leverage. Self-confidence spurs you to make a big bet. But do not forget that gambling can put you at great risk, the risk of losing everything that has been wagered. Therefore, there is a good rule to bet correctly and rationally, distributing everything properly. Better less, but more often. Risk fascinates, and thus leads away from rational thinking. Find several different lines, and place smaller bets on them. Such wins are small, but you also don’t have to worry about risking big money.
  • Team form is one of the most important things to watch out for in order to make a correct prediction. Being observant will give you a boost in understanding who can lead in the most basic markets.

Try to following these tips from Mostbet to win betting on ice hockey.

Mostbet Ice Hockey Betting App

If you want to place bets without being tied to the place and time, our mobile application, developed and adapted for all modern phones on the Android and iOS operating systems, will help you out. The following instructions will help you install the official version of the mobile app:

  1. Open the Mostbet Casino website.
  2. Download the application from the Mostbet website.
  3. You are prompted to Download Mostbet for Android and Download it for iOS.
  4. To download the app onto Android, you need to download the apk file and then install it.
  5. To download it onto iOS, click on the corresponding icon and will be redirected to the Apple Store, where you can download it.
  6. After successfully completing the download, launch the ice hockey betting app by clicking on it on the screen of the mobile phone.

You can bet on ice hockey on Mostbet from the mobile app on your phone.

Mostbet Ice Hockey Bonuses 

The Mostbet bonus program is one of the important components when placing bets, which every player pays attention to. The Mostbet website offers bonuses and fair payouts. The conditions for obtaining them are also spelt out in a trite simple language, take and withdraw them along with the main winnings. So, about the ice hockey betting bonuses: 

Welcome bonus for sports125% up to ₹45,000 for the initial deposit
Welcome bonus for casino125% up to ₹45,000 + 250 extra free spins for the casino

Mostbet offers bonuses to all users.

Mostbet India Betting on the Other Sports

Mostbet is an adapted platform, with all the necessary resources for a quality gaming experience. In addition to betting on hockey, there are many other sports that you may be interested in, such as:

Place bets on various sports at Mostbet.

Customer Support at Mostbet

All questions that arise from users during the game can be directly addressed to the specialists of the betting company. To ask a question and get an answer to it, you do not need to be registered on the platform. Mostbet support service offers the following convenient ways to contact:

  • Phone number – 88005111499;
  • E-mail address –;
  • Feedback form;
  • Telegram –;
  • Whatsapp –;
  • Online chat.  

The schedule of the support service is 24/7, seven days a week. Operators respond instantly. Up-to-date communication data is available through the website, mobile application, and web version.

Mostbet supports its users all day and night.


What are the most popular Ice Hockey events?

A World Championship is the most popular Ice Hockey event, is held annually and features 16 of the best national teams in the world, including most of the sport’s star players. The World Championship is held only for men.

Where to bet on Ice Hockey?

You can bet on ice hockey at any certified betting site that provides all the necessary conditions for this. Mostbet ice hockey betting site is such a place that is widely known around the world.

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