Mostbet Partners Affiliate Program

Want to become a partner of Mostbet? Our sports betting and casino platform has an affiliate program that you can take part in! With this, you can make a profit and get additional benefits on the website. Have a look down below if you would like to know more about it!

Invite your friends and acquaintances to Mostbet to bet and play the best slots together.

What Is an Affiliate Program at Mostbet?

The Mostbet affiliate program can bring you to profit if you can refer a lot of people to the sports betting and online casino platform. Utilizing your affiliate links from your blog, social media accounts, emails, and so on, to refer visitors to the Mostbet Partners platform can make you money. Down below, you can find a table with some basic information about what the affiliate program at Mostbet offers!

Models of PaymentCPA up to 120$ and Revshare up to 60%
Minimum payout amount50$
Numbers of Offers3 — RV, CPA, and Hybrid Deal 
PayoutsPayTm, Cryptocurrency, UPI, Skrill, Neteller, Bank Transfer, and many others
Forbidden Traffic SourcesFraudulent and motivated traffic, creatives featuring officials, politicians, bloggers, celebrities, and religious figures 

What Does the Mostbet Affiliate Program Offer?

Mostbet offers very favorable conditions in affiliate program, read the terms.

All players who join Mostbet through you are eligible for a 30% commission on each unsuccessful wager from their partners. This lifetime insurance allows you to continue earning as long as your referees continue placing bets with us. The platform makes use of tracking technologies that lets you provide information to either your own side or the ad network you are using.

You may choose any of the available payment methods that you want to use to collect funds when it comes to payouts. Additionally, it is possible to keep numerous wallets on hand and send rewards to one wallet on demand while making daily payments to another.

The service’s main offerings include an online casino, Mostbet sports, and eSports gambling. There are two price options: CPA (for FTD authorized) and RevShare. Payouts can reach $75 for CPA and 60% for RevShare.

Registering on the Platform and Getting Started

Join Mostbet's affiliate program, find out how easy it is to do.

In order to successfully register with the Mostbet partners program, follow the step-by-step guide down below:

  1. Go to the website. Go to the official Mostbet Partners website using our link, or by going to the official Mostbet site and click on the affiliate program button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Create new account. At the bottom of the page, you should see a form for you to fill out. There, type in your email, and come up with a password, Then, type in your Telegram and your Skype usernames. After that, click on “Register”.

Congratulations, you have sent in an application to become a Mostbet partner! Your application will be reviewed, and you will be notified if you are accepted.

After that, it is then time to enter your Mostbet partners affiliate account after being accepted by Mostbet Partners. Moreover, start sharing information about the Mostbet Partners Program with your friends using email marketing, blogs, social media, etc. You receive a predetermined percentage from Mostbet partners for each sale generated by your referral link.

Mostbet Partners – Offers Provided

Mostbet offers several profitable types of affiliate program.

The Mostbet Partner program offers three types of offers when it comes to its pricing plans. They are RV, CPA, and Hybrid Deal – which you can learn more about down below:

  • RV (Revenue Share). As long as the player you mentioned is active on the site, you will continue to get a specific amount of their earnings. At Mostbet, the Revenue Share rewards can amount to up to 60% of the customer’s revenue. If an invited user wagers a lot of money, this price structure is beneficial.
  • CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). You receive a set incentive for each friend you recommend thanks to our income strategy. At Mostbet, the value of the compensation can range up to $75 and is independent of the users’ turnover. If there are a lot of novices and they are not experienced or self-assured enough to place large bets, this strategy could be advantageous. However, the RV strategy is preferred if these newcomers put wagers in the sportsbook and visit the online casino sector.
  • Hybrid Deal. This choice integrates the first two. For instance, you may receive a flat set incentive for each participant at first, which would be replaced with a revenue share over the next several months. Individual agreements on this scheme are reached with the Mostbet management.

Mostbet Partners – Promo Materials

Get to know the promo materials of Mostbet affiliate program.

In the Promo area, you’ll discover banners and pre-landers that you may use for your advertising campaigns.

Several languages’ worth of marketing materials were translated. While some of them have been tailored to certain events, others are intended to draw new users to the betting site (the return of the English Premier League was the most debated sports news at the time this article was written). Through unique offers, incentives, and competitions, The Mostbet Team has devised methods and strategies that aid in luring and converting gamers.

Webmasters have access to a variety of promotional tools, such as demo accounts for creative development, iOS and Android applications, personal awards for drawn-in gamers, and website banners, as has previously been mentioned.

Additionally, the Mostbet staff frequently posts fresh promotional materials on a Telegram channel.

Mostbet Partners – Received Traffic and Statistics

With Mostbet you can monitor traffic and statistics of your affiliate program.

Nearly all types of traffic are permitted on Mostbet, although affiliates are urged to comply with the following prohibitions: fraudulent and inspired traffic, as well as creatives with political, governmental, acting, blogging, or religious characters.

If you use a standard CPA, each affiliate receives the same bid. In two out of three situations, Mostbet Partners can provide associates with personal terms and conditions that are superior to the regular ones. The customer’s deposit of a baseline within 28 days of registration is the only requirement. The traffic quality management process takes three to four days. The customer’s conduct is used to gauge the standard. After the search, you’ll be able to get exclusive words.

In the “Statistics” area, partners will monitor the effectiveness of their advertising and assess user behavior. To enable webmasters to view the bigger picture using all available data slices, the program shares the following information with its partners:

  • FD = First Deposit: The first initial deposit; 
  • Average FD: The typical initial deposit amount;
  • Total FD: The total number of first deposits;
  • FD hold: The number of initial deposits on hold;
  • FD hold: Number of allowed initial deposits;
  • Number of players: The total number of gamblers who made at least one wager on a specific day;
  • RD: The sum of all return deposits;
  • Unique RD: The number of persons who made at least one return deposit on a certain day;
  • Average RD: The average size of a return deposit;
  • Total RD: The sum of all return deposits;
  • Deposit amount: The average of the initial and return deposits;
  • Bet amount: The typical amount wagered;
  • ARPPU (Average Revenue Per Paying User): The average revenue per player who has made at least one deposit.

How to Make Money with Mostbet?

Learn how to easily withdraw money earned on affiliate program from Mostbet.

The major features of the program include Mostbet’s sportsbook, an online casino, and eSports betting. CPA (for authorized FTD) and RevShare are two price matrices that are accessible. Payouts on CPA and 60% on RevShare might total up to $75.

Mostbet offers a different sales funnel for luring new customers to a casino and sending traffic from a betting platform to an iGaming product. Mostbet features both betting and gambling goods. To guarantee a respectable conversion rate, the Mostbet team will give you tried-and-true advertising methods and promotional materials.

User activity warrants special attention. Push alerts, emails, and even phone calls promoting bonuses, free spins, and other exclusive promotions will be sent to every registered user. This is done to make sure the user deposits money. Users are urged to begin playing and enrolling in the loyalty program as soon as the deposit is completed.

The loyalty program at Mostbet was created to draw in new users, encourage them to spend more, and keep returning customers loyal. Coins are the name of the internal money of Mostbet Casino. As you play in a casino, you will receive additional benefits and move up levels as you win more coins. Your loyalty program level also has an impact on the rate at which you may swap coins for actual money. The loyalty scheme at Mostbet simply benefits webmasters since they get paid more the more money a customer spends.

Once the registration procedure is complete, each partner is assigned a personal manager who is accessible around the clock to assist with any problems or inquiries. Through their manager, a partner may ask for payment. $50 is the minimum payment amount. Those who work on RevShare are not subject to a hold period. Partners who work on CPA have a waiting period of one to two days.

To become a partner at Mostbet, follow the step-by-step instructions down below:

  1. Visit the website. Using our link, visit the official Mostbet Partners website, or access it directly by clicking the affiliate program button at the bottom of the page.
  2. Open an account. There should be a form for you to complete at the bottom of the page. Enter your email address and a password there before entering your Skype and Telegram usernames. Afterwards, select “Register”.

Congratulations, you’ve submitted your application to join Mostbet! Upon examination of your application, you will be informed of the results.

About Mostbet Affiliate App

In a convenient affiliate program from Mostbet you can use the mobile application for Android and iOS.

We do not offer a separate Mostbet Partner App. However, we offer our partners a specific platform where you can track your referrals, control commissions, manage your accounts, etc. The Mostbet Partner Web Panel is available in the mobile version of the browser and is fully adaptive.


If you have any questions about the Mostbet affiliate program, look through the frequently asked questions down below in case your answer may already be there!

Are there any restrictions for the Mostbet Affiliate program?

Yes, there are. Here are some of the following restrictions: you must be 18 years old or older in order to join the platform, and pre-registration and registration using your own links are strictly forbidden for the affiliate program.

How much do gambling partners at Mostbet earn?

Partners of Mostbet can reach up to 60% of the revenue share for every person that joins Mostbet using their affiliate link. Therefore, the potential earnings depend on how many people join using one’s link.