Mostbet General Rules in India

Clicking the sign-up button for creating a Mostbet account constitutes your acknowledgement that you have read the Terms and Conditions. The time required to read it all, though, would be excessively long. The Mostbet Terms & Conditions have been condensed for your convenience and are listed below.

Follow all of the Mostbet rules and regulations.

Mostbet User Agreements

Mostbet is a gambling and betting website that offers its customers entertainment options. Users must accept the site’s user agreement, which includes crucial terms and conditions, in order to create a Mostbet account. The user behavior, account registration, management of personal data, payment and withdrawal of funds, and other significant issues are all covered by these terms and conditions.

Mostbet recommends customers to carefully read the agreement before signing to it in order to make sure they comprehend all of the terms and conditions. It is crucial for users to act in line with the agreement when using the Most bet online website since breaking the terms and conditions of the user agreement may result in account suspension or cancellation.

Mostbet General Terms and Conditions

When creating an account at Mostbet, the user agrees to a set of rules called the Terms and Conditions. As the list of the rules is very long, you can find the most important points summarized down below!

Main Provisions

  • Any wager placed by a customer constitutes confirmation that they have read, understand, and agree to the accompanying betting rules;
  • If a betting participant is suspected of engaging in fraudulent behavior against the betting company, the betting company reserves the right to prevent such behavior by canceling bets, closing the client’s account without issuing a refund, or placing restrictions on money withdrawals;
  • The Mostbet betting company can never be held responsible for any customer’s indirect, incidental, or unintentional losses or damages, even if they have been made aware of the possibility of such losses or damage.

Account Rules

  • Each registered user may only have one account. One family, one address, one email, one credit/debit card number, or one IP address is required for registration on the website;
  • The company’s management maintains the right to contact the customer for additional detailed information to confirm the client’s identity and to conduct a video conference;
  • If you are under the age of 18, do not try to establish an account with Mostbet;
  • According to the internal AML Policy, the company conducts initial and ongoing identification checks on company users based on the amount of possible risk associated with each user.

Legal Regulation / Restrictions

  • Bets are taken from those above the age of 18 or the age of majority in their country;
  • The betting operator maintains the right to refuse to take a wager from anybody for any reason;
  • The account owner verifies and accepts that any acts taken in the account and with its information are taken by them or with their consent;
  • All bets are calculated using information given by the processing center.

Rules on Accepting Bets

  • To calculate wagers on events whose outcomes are known at the time of the wager, apply coefficient 1;
  • The sports betting and casino gambling company reserves the right to look into the player’s account for as long as it takes to determine the circumstances of any wrongdoing or disprove any accusations of wrongdoing;
  • For circumstances without the control of the bookmaker, claims made by players who have not received winnings or refunds for non-playing bets within 12 months of the date of the last activity and 28 days for barred users will not be considered;
  • Before the commencement of the event, the bookmaker retains the right to void any player’s wager without providing a reason.

Funds Deposit and Withdrawal

  • Requests for withdrawal of funds are handled continuously. The maximum withdrawal period is 72 hours;
  • When you make a deposit, you attest that you have the right to utilize the services and online services made available through the present website or mobile Mostbet app;
  • You should get in touch with the support staff if you wish to obtain a refund. Only the account you used to top up your account can receive a refund from Mostbet;
  • The administration does not advise using someone else’s e-wallets to deposit money into your account. The government has the power to immediately refund any money to wallet owners’ accounts.

Rules on Sports

  • Unless otherwise stated in the line, wagers on football games are allowed for the main game time stipulated in the regulations;
  •  Only the passage to the next round (to another league), betting on the competition’s winner, etc. in basketball cup tournaments takes into consideration overtime (OT), which is determined by the total of the outcomes of two matches;
  • All bets on the match are eligible for a refund (calculation of bets with “1” odd) if one of the players ends the tennis match or is disqualified for any reason, with the exception of any bets that were already settled at the time the match was interrupted.

Gaming Account Closure and Self-Exclusion

  • Contacting Mostbet Support Service will allow you to terminate your gaming account at Mostbet BC. You will often have the option to reopen your account. However, if you insist on having your account permanently canceled, we will grant your request, and your gaming profile will be deleted;
  • Self exclusion is a process that allows you to voluntarily choose a time frame during which you won’t be allowed to make deposits or place bets on our site. This time frame is adjustable and ranges from six months to five years. The option of continuously excluding oneself is also available;
  • There is a self-exclusion method if you are worried about your gambling behavior and feel that you can no longer spend time with us or spend money there after giving it some thought.

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